How Much Is a Personal Chef? Less Than You Think!

Life is complicated and busy, and tired is what you already ate for breakfast and lunch. Once again, it’s 9:07 at night, you just walked in the door, and you’re standing in front of your refrigerator hoping the dimly flickering bulb will illuminate a healthy meal you can cook in 5 minutes. And since we’re dreaming, maybe also do the dishes?

Nope. Uber eats. Pizza. $42 dollars worth of unhealthy food and a greasy box to greet you on the counter in the morning. 

The cycle of takeout and Uber Eats is not living, it’s surviving. That’s why all your hard work during the day is rewarding you and your family with unhealthy takeout and pizza. You may be busy and over-stretched, but you and your kids deserve to eat well even when you’re hustling between the gym, Zoom meetings, and soccer games. 

Why not take all that wasted time and money and turn it into the healthy, fresh, stress-free lifestyle you’re dreaming of?

It’s time to start thinking about a streamlined solution: a personal chef. 

When most people hear those words, the first reaction they have is “How much? Is a personal chef going to break the bank?” Absolutely not! It sounds luxurious, but hiring a personal chef is a very affordable option that gives you the freedom and time to do the things you want to do. 

A Little Perspective on Your Wallet and Watch

If you got on Mint right now, you’ll find that you probably spend between $8000-$12000 every year on dining out depending on how crazy your life is. And what are you getting for your money? Not the healthy diet you and your family deserve, that’s for sure.

Restaurant food is packed with fats and salt, and all of that makes everyone slow and tired. That’s going to make it 10 times harder to stay energized, pay attention at work and school, and you need all the zip you can get to check off everything in your calendar. 

And it isn’t just about health, either. It’s also about getting back time. Time to be with your kids, to start that awesome fitness routine, to dive into that book that’s been getting dusty on your nightstand. Time to live. 

Eating poorly and having zero leisure time is a vicious cycle of low energy and frustration. So make eating fresh an imperative, not a wish. 

Meal Prep Made Easy and Fast

Are you ready for it? Here we go: how much is a personal chef going to set you back? We have some great news! A personal chef for an entire year costs less than you’re spending on eating out and the gym right now. 

For a family of four.

Yes. You read that correctly. The personal chef game has changed a lot since the days of butlers and luggage porters hauling fur coats onto the Titanic for the wealthy and elite, and that’s just for a one-way. People today don’t want a 13-course banquet of spit-roasted lamb garnished with quails and fondant potatoes every night of the week. They want fresh, fast, and please, please, please, keep it healthy and delicious. 

That’s what Chefpost is all about: connecting you with talented private chefs who cook you good, filling food with excellent ingredients on a reasonable budget. So you can relax knowing your family is eating well tonight. 

Our personal chefs aren’t just about one or two dinners, either. They can prepare the meals for the week so you can warm and enjoy when things get crazy. Our chefs cook four menus for you and your family, starting at $200 for a cooking session, with ingredients you already have in your house. Turn that full fridge into beautiful plates of filling food! And if you want an all-inclusive experience, one of our personal chefs can shop the groceries for you and create your menus for the week, starting at $300 for a cooking session (including organic ingredients) for one person and only $25 for each additional guest.

It’s a wonderful, delicious deal for you and your family and friends, and the best part? No clean-up! A personal chef lets you say goodbye to washing those pots and pans, which means even more time for you to do what you love.

And Oh, that Food

Imagine: poached salmon over buttered farro with a sauce of fresh dill, lemon, and tarragon. Seared scallops with caper radish vinaigrette and samphire. And this Friday night, red wine-braised beef cheeks over root vegetables with brandy-flamed chanterelles and glazed pearl onions (and a glass of wine left over for you, of course). 

That’s on your table while you relax with your feet up. And all of this is happening because you simply decided to redirect the cash you’re already spending on professional chefs to a single chef who’s a million times better and will tailor everything to your tastes and needs on the fly.

What’s that you say? Already spending? Oh, yes. Don’t forget that when you grab a quick takeout you’re paying someone to cook your meal. That person making a Philly cheese steak is filling the role of private chef for you whether you realized it or not, and what are you getting for your money? A soggy brown paper bag. And it’s kinda cold. And congealed. And your server is a taxi driver who’s headed to the airport after this. For $39.37.

You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding.

Let’s Make a Change

A personal chef is not a birthright of the rich and famous, it’s an affordable and positive lifestyle choice that will save you time, energy, and keep you healthy and vibrant to face those long weeks in the business trenches. So, how much is a personal chef going to change your life? A lot! Head over to Chefpost to browse a menu of our talented, top-reviewed chefs in your area who can turn your monthly dining budget into a healthy, fresh, stress-free eating experience that will leave you full, satisfied, and craving more. Learn more about our chef’s meal prep services and pricing here