Summer Gatherings With a Chef At Home

There's always something special about daytime celebrations. Daytime celebrations could be brunch with your family, a luncheon for a special occasion, or a BBQ in your backyard with friends. The charm of a gathering during the summer is that you have the whole day to spend with your loved ones and make beautiful memories! However, what if you don't have the time and skills to make a delicious meal for everyone?

Chefpost makes booking a personal chef more accessible and affordable than ever. We have vetted, experienced, and talented chefs in Florida ready to bring all the best flavors right to your doorstep for your daytime celebration!

Hosting a Brunch at Home

One common daytime celebration is brunch at home with your family, friends, or neighbors. You can host one at home for bridal showers, Mother's Day, or Easter. If you think a breakfast date is too early, but lunch is also too late, brunch is the perfect middle ground! The challenge is to live up to what makes a brunch special: combining all the best things about breakfast and lunch.

How do you host the perfect brunch at home? Here are three Chefpost tips to help you out:

1. Choose the Right Menu

Brunch gets its name from combining breakfast and lunch, so you'll want to include food from both parts of the day. Chefpost has great brunch-at home experiences. If you're unsure of what to make, you can always ask our Chefpost Experience Team for advice or recommendations.

2. Set Up Your Space

A personal chef from Chefpost will be at your home at the set time and date, so ready the kitchen! While the chef is busy making magic in the kitchen, you can use the time to set up your brunch space and tablescape. Make it cozy and inviting. Use natural elements like fruits as decor.

3. Work With the Chefpost Team

Chefpost makes brunches a breeze. Our personal chefs in Florida have years of experience, and they can cook various delicious brunch dishes that will make you and your guests happy! If you need help with decor, tablescape, and serve ware, talk to our Experience Team, and we will coordinate everything for you at no extra cost.

Tips for Hosting a Luncheon With a Personal Chef

You're also up for a different challenge if you're into more formal daytime celebrations like luncheons. Luncheons are perfect for birthdays, first communions, baptisms, or graduation parties. They're usually more formal and require certain etiquette.

Here are three Chefpost tips to help you plan the perfect luncheon:

1. Choose the Right Ambiance

Choose an ambiance that reflects the theme of your luncheon. Go for a more sophisticated atmosphere if it's something formal like a graduation or birthday party. If it's a casual family gathering, you can opt for something more comfortable and homey. A luncheon can be as simple or extravagant as you'd like.

2. Select the Dishes

It would be best to have a menu that'll complement your occasion. There's food best for luncheons with your business colleagues and food perfect for a family gathering. At Chefpost, you can find different menus and personalized culinary experiences! Explore by Cuisines and book the chef with the menu you like the most.

3. Collaborate with Chefpost

Lastly, book at Chefpost, hire a private chef in a few clicks, and make your luncheon happen! Depending on the size of your party, you may need to add servers. Whatever the occasion is, a private chef and the Chefpost Experience team can help you set up a memorable luncheon.

How to Plan the Perfect BBQ

Perhaps the most fun daytime celebration is the good old BBQ. Whether it's Father's Day, your husband's birthday, or the fourth of July, a BBQ is the perfect way to celebrate. Nothing beats the feeling of gathering around a grill while the smell of food fills the air. Kids are running around, and the oldies are catching up!